about us
An International Distribution Brand for
Meticulously Crafted Japanese Homeware
Our mission is to promote "Japan" in various forms of cultural contents to the world.
Our first priority is placed on direct human communication and interaction.
Our goal is to give intellectual life-seekers all over the world a joy and soulful experiences.

IFJ was founded in May 2010 in Tokyo, Japan. We are specialized in three domains of business, namely Japanese homeware wholesaling, tourism, and consulting. They seem to be completely separated matters but in fact are bound by one theme. That is to give intellectual life-seekers all over the world a joy and soulful experiences through what is so unique about Japan.
1-8-22 Nakacho, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Postal code: 153-0065
Born in 1970 in Tokyo. Graduated from University of San Francisco in California, USA with B.S. and joined a Japanese medical equipment manufacturer called TERUMO CORPORATION in 1994. After pursuing career as an IT consultant in Japanese info-communication giant - NTT Group between 1999 and 2008, decided to follow the path of entrepreneurship. After two years of preparation, went independent and founded FOUR DESIGN, LLC in 2010. Currently, active as an international distributor for products of medium-scale production to bridge the home country and the rest of the world.
the IFJ team
EGAWA Hisatomo
Born in Tokyo. In charge of logistics, product control, quality control, packaging and export of all products in FOUR DESIGN, LLC. A message to our clients: I feel joy and pride in my work, as I know that for every product, I am the hand that helps to connect our craftsmen’s hands with the hands of our dear clients. We also strive to provide a satisfactory service through a good teamwork.
NODA Akiko
Because we live in an era where we are surrounded by things, we can select and choose the product that best suits us. When you meet a product that is comfortable and meets your lifestyle, the experience of using that product in your everyday life makes one even happier. Through my work of selling Japanese handicrafts in FOUR DESIGN, LLC, I’ve learned that, the person who fabricates, the one who buys and the one who uses our products may be scattered in many places around the world, but still be all somehow connected by sharing the same feeling. From a far corner in Japan, I wish that all our products in FOUR DESIGN, LLC make the people who use them feel joyful and happier.
Born in El Salvador in 1974. Studied in Mexico City until 1992. Graduated from the International Christian University in Tokyo in 1997. Started a career in Japan in the fashion industry. Worked for brands such as Folli Follie, EGERIE DIVINE Paris and Links of London. Joined the PR agency HOW Inc. in 2008 and learned PR and brand business by taking care of prestigious clients, such as The Peninsula Hotels. Joined FOUR DESIGN, LLC. in 2013 with the aspiration to assist many wonderful Japanese craftsmen and designers, not only sell their creations but to promote the beauty and joy of Japanese handmade products.
I met Taku in February of 2011 and then joined FOUR DESIGN, LLC since April of that same year. Presently, I am in charge of buying. My work is complex as I plan promotions with Roxana, coordinate with Hisatomo for logistics matters, discuss with Akiko to fulfill client’s inquiries and request as well as being a good listener to Taku, as he likes to exchange views about many matters. I adore milk tea. I also like Guatemala’s coffee as it has a nice sour taste. I also like digital gadgets and I enjoy music with anomaly rhythms.
1-8-22 Nakacho, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Postal code: 153-0065
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