akarino-tane is situated in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, where temperatures often drop to -20˚C. Perhaps because of its severe climate, Asahikawa has attracted many frank and open artisans, the likes of whom cannot be seen elsewhere in Japan. The distinctive, open-minded traditions of Asahikawa inspire the creation of products with unique designs at akarino-tane, offering the comforting warmth of wood. Above all, it is their refined skills in woodturning that bring their creations to fruition.

The artisan utilizes the cultivated skills of woodturning, delicately shaving away layer by layer. He was captivated by the material that allows light to shine through and is dyed in a crimson hue. In pursuit of the ideal form, he tirelessly continues to create.

akarino-tane and Woodturning

The technique known as woodturning involves the use of a wood lathe. It entails the dedicated and focused task of repeatedly cutting into rapidly rotating materials with a chisel. The time spent facing the lathe becomes one's own skill, evolving into a mastery that meets one's personal demands.

It requires a clear visualization of the desired form in one's mind and the ability to accurately reproduce it—a definite skill. Only through this process does an idea materialize into a tangible object. Among woodworking techniques, it is the most challenging, requiring a high level of expertise.

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