FUTAGAMI: Brass and Artisanship
The products are made of solid brass with no pleating or painting. They are simple and beautiful but practical for daily use. Using it for a long time unveils the beauty of the material to its maximum potential.
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Introducing the New Kitchen Paper Holder from YAMASAKI DESIGN WORKS
Have you ever wished to separate kitchen paper without touching the main body with your wet hands? YAMASAKI Hiroshi, the designer, devised a structure to hold the core of the kitchen paper, using a water-resistant and easy-to-clean stainless steel wire. When gripping it, the rotation of the kitchen paper is fixed, allowing it to be detached from the core with ease. When not in use, the grip part can be hung on a commercially available hook on a wall.
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Introducing the New KAMAWANU FUROSHIKI Series “FUWARI [Soft and Floaty]”
This is a lightweight and casual square cloth that can be used in everyday scenes. It is made of 100% cotton and features a fabric with a sheer and slightly glossy texture. Its texture becomes softer and fluffier with each wash. Let’s be creative in using FUROSHIKI, the versatile, multi-functional cloth!
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April in Japan symbolizes the arrival of spring and new beginnings. It is the season of Sakura (さくら), which beautifully blooms all over Japan. New employees and students join companies and schools, bringing about new encounters and environmental changes. How about refreshing your home or room interior and accessories for a fresh start?
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