Introducing New Product Lineups from KAMAWANU
We are excited to introduce the new lineups of TENUGUI from KAMAWANU, along with their new product series: Cocktail Napkins and Table Runners. These versatile items can be used in a variety of settings but are especially designed to enhance the aesthetics and hygiene of your table settings
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Introducing DAIYO ROCKAKU [ Hexagon ] Series
We are pleased to announce the recent launch of the new ROCKAKU [ Hexagon ] series by DAIYO! This lovely series includes a package of rice bran wax candles, a candle plate, and two patterns of candle snuffers, all of which showcase a beautiful hexagonal shape.
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Introducing New Cooking Tongs from conte's OTEGARU Series
New cooking tongs from conte have recently been launched and added to the conte’s OTEGARU series. Now, we have four different sizes of tongs available to cater to all your needs.
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We enter September, a beautiful season that ushers in the feeling of autumn’s arrival. In this month, just like the previous one, we have some fantastic new product launches for you. It is also the time for us to remind you of our order deadline for the holiday seasons. Given a lead time of 1 to 1.5 months after payment for many of our items, please prepare to place orders by the end of this month!
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Deadline for Holiday Season Orders 2023
New Items: DAIYO
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