Graceful Beauty: JICON Flower Vases
OJI Masanori designed this series of large flower vases, drawing inspiration from the traditions of ARITA porcelain. These vases not only embody the essence of ARITA's heritage, but also enable you to envision and arrange flowers in a manner that harmonizes with modern living styles.
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JICON's Cup and Saucer HANA-KASANE
Carved Flower Cup and Saucer HANA-KASANE - The cup sits on the carved flower petals and won't slip on the saucer. The saucer is designed to be flat so that it can be used alone separately for serving sweets!
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Elegant & Handy: FUTAGAMI Brass IHADA Paperweight
Walnut-sized brass paperweights with a crude casting surface, which fit comfortably in your hands. As all faces are parallel, you can easily hold it with your thumb and index and middle fingers.
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JICON is a porcelain brand originally launched by the Touetsugama Kiln in collaboration with Japanese designer OJI Masanori. IMAMURA Hajime, the thirteenth generation of the kiln family, became independent from the kiln and established IMAMURA Porcelain along with the JICON brand in 2014. IMAMURA specializes in crafting elegant daily-use ceramics using traditional techniques and Amakusa Touseki porcelain stones.
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