An Update on Our Line Sheet

Dear Customers,

This is to announce that there will be an update on our line sheet as of June 1, 2019, taking the recent fluctuation in the EUR/JPY currency exchange rate and pricing change in the FUTAGAMI products into consideration.

JPY has depreciated against EUR considerably since the beginning of this year when we set our pricing for the year 2019. Also, FUTAGAMI has recently applied a slight uprise in their pricing due to the sharp rise in the cost for raw materials.

Our new line sheet is already released and available in the dropbox link we provide to our customers. Please kindly refer to it for placing new orders. The EXCEL Order Sheet is also updated accordingly and available in the same link.

The new pricing is applied to orders received after June 1, 2019 (JST). We issue invoices based on the current pricing for orders received before May 31, 2019 (JST).

Thank you for your kind understanding. We look forward to continuing to serve your needs by distributing meticulously crafted Japanese homeware worldwide.


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