Announcement on New Items – DAIYO

We are pleased to inform you that we have added the following candle accessories designed by YAMAZAKI Yoshiki to our DAIYO line:

DAIY-083 DAIYO Brass Candle Stand 24 Circle
DAIY-084 DAIYO Brass Candle Stand 24 Square

DAIY-085 DAIYO Wick Trimmer

DAIY-086 DAIYO Brass Snuffer

DAIY-087 DAIYO Brass Candle Stand [TSUCHI-ITA] Hammered Plate Circle
DAIY-088 DAIYO Brass Candle Stand [TSUCHI-ITA] Hammered Plate Square

As the production volumes for these items are limited, we have decided not to market them as our regular items for the time being. Therefore, these new accessories are included in neither our line sheet nor the EXCEL Order Form.

Instead, we will be holding order-taking events several times a year and fulfill such orders all at once separately from our regular order-taking routines. The first occasion is scheduled to take place at the beginning of August 2021 as follows:

Handmade-to-order orders will be taken using the google forms starting from August 3, 2021, until August 13, 2021. We have a limited supply volume (50 pieces) per product code and will fulfill the orders on a first-come-first-served basis. Once ordered volumes reach our supply volumes, we will stop taking orders even before the deadline.

The orders taken will be delivered alone, separate from all your regular orders within October 2021. We cannot combine these handmade-to-order orders and your regular orders into one shipment.

We will send out a promotional email with a link to the order form to relevant customers shortly.

We look forward to delivering these gorgeous candle accessories from DAIYO to those who appreciate the quality and ecosystem of our rare Japanese handmade products.

The IFJ Team
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