Change in the Material of KAKUDO Butter Case Walnut and Discontinued Items in the KAKUDO Series

The material of KAKUDO Butter Case Walnut has recently been changed from imported walnut to domestic (Japanese) walnut. As you can see in the picture below, the color/tone of the domestic (Japanese) walnut is lighter than that of the imported walnut while the quality and design continue to be unchanged.

Left: imported walnut (old) –> right: domestic (Japanese) walnut (new)

As of today, we switch from the imported walnut to the domestic (Japanese) walnut for both existing and future orders. The butter case made of the darker, imported walnut is no longer available.

Also, please note that Butter Case Cherry / Maple, all the Half variations, and all the other items in the KAKUDO series, such as dishes, plates, and trivets, have been discontinued.

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