Changes in Our Regular Shipping Method Due to The COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the logistical systems in Japan and worldwide are increasingly slowing down at this moment, and our regular shipping method, Japan Post’s EMS prepaid, is no longer operational.

We have been observing a number of cases in which once-shipped packages via EMS are returned to our logistics center in Yamanashi or seem to be queueing up quite a long time somewhere in Tokyo, etc.

In response to this situation, we have decided to swiftly change our regular shipping method to FedEx International Priority prepaid; our terms and conditions and EXCEL Order Form have been updated accordingly. The new terms and conditions and EXCEL Order Form are available in the dropbox link as always. Please ask our sales and marketing team if you would like to receive the dropbox link anew.


1) FedEx International Economy is suspended by FedEx at this moment,
2) an additional fuel surcharge and a peak special handling fee per shipment in response to the increased demands and reduced flights are applied by FedEx,

we now have a contract with FedEx for volume discounts based on the number of our annual shipments. And, the rates are comparable to EMS in many cases. Smaller packages may be a bit more costly, but larger/heavier packages are pretty reasonable, we would say.

For those “undelivered” packages which have been shipped in March/April via EMS, we will try to re-ship them via FedEx International Priority as soon as they are returned safely to our logistics center in Yamanashi. But, please understand that we may have to invoice you for the difference between the already-paid shipping and handling fees based on EMS and the new fees based on FedEx International Priority.

Also, we are now running a choose-COLLECT-shipment promotion:

For customers who trade with us for the first time and choose COLLECT shipping as their regular shipping method thereafter, we give a JPY3,000 * credit code (or an equivalent amount in USD or EUR). This credit may be used for the next purchase order upon request within the specified expiry date. (* Calculated based on our internal exchange rates we set at the beginning of each month, taking up-to-date fluctuations in the money market into account.)

Lastly, please note that our Incoterms is EX-W, YAMANASHI, JAPAN. Damage(s) and/or loss(es) of the package(s) are not covered by the shipping and handling fees you are paying. 

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