Deadline for Holiday Season Orders 2022

As the holiday season of 2022 is approaching, we would like to remind you of our order deadline.

We highly recommend placing your holiday order and completing payment before September 30, 2022.

As many of our products have a lead time of 1 – 1.5 months after payment, the shipments for the orders processed by the above date are scheduled to take place around the middle of November.

For the Super Express product groups (the selected items of DAIYO, FUTAGAMI, and TAKAZAWA CANDLE as of today), the above deadline does not apply. We will stock raised volumes for these product groups to satisfy the holiday season demands, but, in case the stocks run out, we will have to stop taking orders per item.

Please note that if orders are placed on our new online wholesale cart system (OWLCAS), our fulfillment processes go much smoother ; ) Your cooperation would be appreciated.

The IFJ Team

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