Expanding Payment Options: IFJ Tradings Now Accepts Bitcoin via OpenNode

At IFJ Tradings, our commitment to customer satisfaction includes continuously updating our services to meet the evolving needs of our diverse clientele. Today, we are pleased to announce the introduction of Bitcoin as an accepted form of payment.

Bitcoin is a pioneering digital currency that offers a secure and efficient means of conducting transactions online. To facilitate Bitcoin transactions, we have partnered with OpenNode, a globally recognized and trusted Bitcoin payment platform. OpenNode offers both standard Bitcoin transactions (on-chain) and expedited transactions using the Lightning Network.

As part of our commitment to this new payment form, we offer a 3% discount on the cost of goods (excluding shipping and handling fees, insurance, bank transfer fee, collect handling fees, statement fees, etc.) for all purchases made with Bitcoin. (The discount percentage may be adjusted over time.)

We believe the inclusion of Bitcoin payments, particularly with the flexibility of on-chain and Lightning Network transactions, will further enhance our service. We are confident that this development will bring added convenience to our customers who choose to use Bitcoin for their transactions.

Please note that our existing payment methods:, (credit card), and bank transfer (T/T), will continue to be accepted without any changes.

We deeply value your trust and aim to continue providing the highest standard of service. We look forward to your continued support.

Thank you for choosing IFJ Tradings.

The IFJ Team
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