"With use, the amber luster deepens, revealing a distinctive flavor"

hairu is a product series of beautifully designed, compact rattan baskets from TSURUYA SHOUTEN, a company founded in 1907 in Yamagata, in the northeast part of Japan. Since the late Meiji era, their commitment to the principle of "domestic production through in-house manufacturing," with a focus on natural ratten products, has remained unwavering, preserving a sense of warmth amid the ever-changing times.

Rattan has been used for a long time as a material for making baskets. hairu brings the traditional details of these rattan baskets with proportions that are perfectly suited for modern living. Placed next to the sofa or bed, on a washing machine, or under the table, hairu is ideal for storing items such as blankets, towels, magazines, and toys that we see and use every day. It is a series of rattan baskets designed to gently cradle your favorite belongings.

People worldwide will appreciate the excellence of the rattan products, skillfully crafted with the finesse of Japanese artistry.

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