IBAZEN accountably conducts all the processes of making wooden furniture, from designing to finishing. The products are crafted with great care and skills using solid wood and URUSHI lacquer. The result is a beautiful, lustrous finish that even matures gracefully over the course of many years. With this craftmanship, one can enjoy spending a long time with these uniquely crafted pieces.

IBAZEN stool photo taken by Nalata Nalata

The workshop is located in Biei Town in the central part of Hokkaido, northern Japan. Although Biei Town is known as the "town of hills," their residence, Okikineushi, is a small town along a stream. Surrounded by rice fields and mixed forests, it is a place with a pleasant feeling of open sky.

For the materials, broad-leaf trees, such as Japanese Oak and SAKURA (Cherry), native to Hokkaido or Japan, are sourced as much as possible. The artisan uses traditional timberwork techniques, and finishing is done entirely by hand using hand-held planes. All-natural URUSHI lacquer is finally applied to make the coating beautiful, durable, and functional.

Enjoy the enduring charm of these handcrafted items for years to come.
1-8-22 Nakacho, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Postal code: 153-0065
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