Important Announcement: IFJ HOLDINGS LTD. to Merge to FOUR DESIGN, LLC and “IFJ Tradings” Website Renewal

Dear Customers,


We are pleased to inform you that IFJ HOLDINGS LTD. merges into its affiliated company, FOUR DESIGN, LLC, as of January 1st , 2019 and continues to be in operation as “IFJ Tradings,” an international distribution brand for meticulously crafted Japanese homeware.


FOUR DESIGN, LLC has been in operation since 2010, the same year that IFJ HOLDINGS LTD. was established as a sourcing and exporting counterpart for IFJ HOLDINGS LTD. in Japan.


I remain to be in charge of the management even after the merger of IFJ HOLDINGS LTD. into FOUR DESIGN, LLC. Please be assured that the products offered so far are the same and that the order and delivery processes will also stay the same.


Along with the above, we are happy to inform you about the renewal of our IFJ Tradings website which becomes active starting from January 1st, 2019. The website address will be replaced to


All of our products from IFJ Tradings, 4WD NETWORKS and MATUREWARE by FUTAGAMI will eventually be presented in this new website for better customer experiences.


Thank you for always appreciating our products, designers and makers throughout these years. We look forward to continuing to serving you well in the future.







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