Introducing New Brass Candle Holders from TAKAZAWA CANDLE

We are pleased to inform you that we have added the following candle accessories to our TAKAZAWA CANDLE line:

TAKZ-046 Brass Candle Holder ‘RATIO’ 100
TAKZ-047 Brass Candle Holder ‘RATIO’ 150
TAKZ-048 Brass Candle Holder ‘RATIO’ 200

TAKZ-047 (left), TAKZ-048 (center), TAKZ-046 (right)

For these items, we will hold an order-taking event, to begin with, starting from January 25 until February 14, 2022. (Please note that, at this point, these items are NOT available for ordering in our regular line sheet / EXCEL Order Form.)

The orders taken at this time will be delivered alone, separate from all your regular orders around the beginning of March 2022. We cannot combine these orders and your regular orders into one shipment.

We will send out a promotional email with a link to the order form to relevant customers shortly.

We look forward to delivering these new stylish candle accessories from the best selling Japanese candles maker, TAKAZAWA CANDLES.

The IFJ Team
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