Introducing the “Super Express” Fulfillment Scheme

We are pleased to introduce the “Super Express” fulfillment Scheme. We have added the following logo to the thumbnails of some of the product categories.

Starting from this month, we have changed the shipping lead-time for the product categories marked with the above logo to be:

within five (5) days after the confirmation of payment (unless the stocks run out).

If out of stock, please understand that, from time to time, the lead-time for the “Super Express” items may take more than five (5) days while we strive to maintain sufficient levels of our stocks.

Please also note that the “Super Express” items are shipped from our Osaka warehouse separately from the non-Super-Express items.

Currently, only TAKAZAWA Candles fall in this new fulfillment scheme, “Super Express,” but more brands are scheduled to be added to it later this year.

As we introduce “Super Express,” we have decided to discontinue the COLLECT shipping option to maintain our fulfillment services simple and effective for our customers.

From now on, the shipping methods available are:

  1. Our Standard Air Courier Prepaid (The customer cannot designate a specific air courier for their shipments. IFJ Tradings will choose an appropriate air courier given the circumstances.)
  2. YU PACK Prepaid (for domestic shipping within Japan only)

As we ship hundreds and thousands of packages annually, we have competitive shipping tariff contracts with major international air courier companies. We believe the shipping and handling fees we quote will remain affordable to our customers despite the above change.

Thank you for your attention and understanding on this matter. We will continue to strive to make Japanese industrial crafts available to our international customers in a more productive and speedier manner.

The IFJ Team

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