KAMI Mug Cup
Stylish wooden mug cups perfect for coffee or tea.

The type of wood used is Castor Aralia grown in Hokkaido.

Shaped by hand using a wheel, it is only a couple of millimeter-thick.

"Kami" means "paper" in Japanese and is named after its sheer texture. It gives a smooth, warm touch to your lips.

Keeps the drink hot as the wood works as a natural insulator.

[ Important Remarks ]

  • The coating used complies with Japan's Food Sanitation Law. An odor may be emitted after a certain period, but this does not indicate a quality problem. To remove the odor, place used tea leaves or coffee beans in the utensils for several hours and repeat as necessary.

  • Polyurethane coating is known for its water resistance and ease of maintenance, as it prevents penetration from the surface and can be cleaned with neutral detergents. However, continuous use can cause the coating to thin out and develop cracks, diminishing its effectiveness.

  • After use, washing it gently and ensuring it is appropriately dried is important. If not dried thoroughly or stored with dirt, it can lead to discoloration and mold growth.

  • Water can seep through damaged areas of the coating, becoming a cause of discoloration and mold. Additionally, when dark-colored substances like coffee are placed, the cup may gradually darken. This occurs due to the deposition of pigments in the xylem of the wood material.

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KAMI Mug Cup S
dia75 x w98 x h69mm
Castor Aralia
KAMI Mug Cup M
dia85 x w108 x h78mm
Castor Aralia
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