We are thrilled to introduce the new kitchen paper holder from YAMASAKI DESIGN WORKS.

Have you ever wished to separate kitchen paper without touching the main body with your wet hands?

Kitchen paper is frequently relied upon when cooking. However, separating it without wetting the paper is tricky, as hands are often wet during use. YAMASAKI Hiroshi, the designer, pondered if there was a smarter way to detach kitchen paper from its core.

Using a water-resistant and easy-to-clean stainless steel wire, he devised a structure to hold the core of the kitchen paper. When gripping it, the rotation of the kitchen paper is fixed, allowing it to be detached from the core with ease. When not in use, the grip part can be hung on a commercially available hook on a wall.

This product is compatible with kitchen paper rolls with a width of 228 mm (approx 9 in.).


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