Planned, Cyclical Update on Our Line Sheet Effective Today

As the line sheet has been expiring as of the end of June, we’ve finally spared some time to make the planned, cyclical update on our line sheet. Sorry for the inconvenience which might have been caused by our delay. In relation to this update, we have also revised our terms and conditions.

Please obtain the new trading information from the link button provided in our recent email news sent to all of our customers.

Some Highlights in The Line Sheet:

The discontinued items were already removed from our website, whereas new items will be added in the next couple of weeks.

New FUTAGAMI Pendant Lamp Cone Long KURO-MURA
(Also available in the IHADA – crude casting surface – finish)

Some Highlights in The Terms and Conditions:

The above changes are effective as of today, July 29, 2020. Thank you for your attention and understanding.

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