Pricing Updates and Introduction of New Online Ordering System

Due to the recent surge in material costs internationally, many of our makers have raised their product pricing. Our pricing will have to be updated accordingly in response to these moves.

As of July 1st, the pricing of the following brands will be updated:


In addition to the above, we are scheduled to update the pricing for some of the items from the following brands:

KAMAWANU in August 2022
KITO in September 2022

Also, we are transitioning from the EXCEL-based method to an online ordering system at this moment for our order-taking processes. Our website is now equipped with login and online ordering capabilities.

While this transition is soon to be officially announced to all of our clients, we have discontinued the cyclical update on our line sheet and EXCEL Order Form in the dropbox link.

After logging in, the prices will be indicated on this website, and please regard them as our latest pricing.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

The IFJ Team

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