SKU Modification – KITO Bandsaw Trays

As of May 1st, 2023, AIZAWA Wood Works is to change the SKU of “KITO – Bandsaw Trays -.” Bandsaw Tray Small No.1, No.2, and NO.3 will be sold as a set and will no longer be sold separately. The same applies to Bandsaw Tray Large.

・Discontinued (Small): AIZA-301, AIZA-302, AIZA-303 → NEW: AIZA-309
・Discontinued (Large): AIZA-304, AIZA-305, AIZA-306 → NEW: AIZA-310

While the trays were initially crafted as “a nest of three differently sized trays” from a single solid, thick piece of wood, we have been selling them separately. But going back to the original concepts of the product, “a creation from the soul of a single block of wood” and “taking care of the earth’s limited natural resources,” we have decided to sell them as a set of three. We believe we can share our respect for nature with our customers even more.

We keep striving to deliver you a mix of beautifully made, timeless, sustainable products for your home.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

The IFJ Team

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