SUSUMUYA TEA WARE is the original teaware brand of SUSUMUYA TEA SHOP, a specialty store for Kagoshima tea and Chiran tea, exclusively dealing in the finest Japanese teas, originating from a long-established tea wholesale warehouse in Kagoshima. Situated in the town of Satsuma Uenocho, which gave birth to many patriots during the Bakumatsu period, SUSUMUYA's main store is steeped in rich history.

SUSUMUYA TEA SHOP, Kagoshima Store

Looking back at the history of Japanese tea, the shape and style of "tea tools" have evolved over time, reflecting each era. Their goal is for Japanese tea culture not to remain merely a hobby for some or a beverage solely for satisfying one's thirst, but to reintegrate Japanese tea into daily life. They sincerely desire to provide people with a tranquil, restful moment derived from the enjoyment of authentic Japanese tea.

"When you observe the conditions in which Japanese tea is in our times, it was natural for us to wish to make tea tools for the new era. Our tea professionals collaborated with Japan's most outstanding craftsmen to create the tea tools for enjoying delicious Japanese tea in everyday life after numerous careful considerations. We look forward to seeing the day when people drink authentic Japanese tea in their everyday life," expresses Mr. Kotaro Shinbara, the Supervisor of SUSUMUYA TEA SHOP's original teaware and President of SUSUMUYA TEA SHOP.
1-8-22 Nakacho, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Postal code: 153-0065
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