Terms and Conditions Updates as of Sept. 26, 2022

This is to announce that we have recently updated our terms and conditions regarding the collect shipping option and statement of origin.

The latest terms and conditions link is available in the new Online Wholesale Cart System (OWLCAS). After logging in, please align the cursor on the human icon in the upper right-hand corner and click on “Terms” (second from the bottom) to see the document. Our sales and marketing team can send the same link via email to those who do not yet have access to the ordering system.


  1. Collect Shipping Option

    The collect shipping is no longer available in our shipping method options. For the customers who have used a collect shipping method with us in the past, we may continue to provide the collect shipping option with a fee of JPY5,000 / USD50.00 / EUR50.00 per order. Please see Section “4. Shipping and Handling Fees” of the terms and conditions for further details.

  2. Statement of Origin

    If the customer wishes to receive a statement of origin, we may do so with the following documentation fee per invoice (except for Category 3, in which the additional fee is charged per SKU). Please see Section “6. Statement of Origin” of the terms and conditions for further details.

    Category 1)

    Adding a section of the statement of origin in the commercial invoice (ex., the EPA between Japan and EU):

    JPY1,000 / USD10.00 / EUR10.00

    Category 2)

    Issuing a separate document of the statement of origin attached to the commercial invoice:

    JPY5,000 / USD50.00 / EUR50.00

    Category 3)

    The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry must validate the statement of origin depending on the countries or areas we export. In such cases,

    JPY500 / USD5.00 / EUR5.00 per SKU

    is charged in addition to the above, Category 2 fee. Please note that this is the actual fee we pay to the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

As we strive to fulfil the increasing demands of our worldwide customers in recent years, we have standardised our logistical business processes substantially. Please kindly understand that the above changes are necessary so that our services remain timely, fair, and cost-effective.

The IFJ Team

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