The DAIYO Japanese Candles Join the Super Express Fulfillment Scheme

We are pleased to inform you that the DAIYO brand is a part of the Super Express fulfillment scheme starting from August 2022 and can be shipped:

Within seven (7) days after the confirmation of payment

Please note that the Super Express items are shipped from our Osaka warehouse separately from the non-Super-Express items.

Now, TAKAZAWA and DAIYO Candles fall in this new fulfillment scheme, and a few more brands are scheduled to be added to it later this year for your convenience.

Once again, we would like to announce that, as we introduce Super Express, we have discontinued the COLLECT shipping option to maintain our fulfillment services simple and effective for our customers.

As we ship hundreds and thousands of packages annually, we have competitive shipping tariff contracts with major international air courier companies. We believe the shipping and handling fees we quote will remain affordable to our customers.

Thank you for your attention and understanding.

The IFJ Team

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