AIZAWA Wood Works Items Available in Limited Quantities

On the first day of this year, Wajima City in Ishikawa Prefecture, where Aizawa Wood Works is based, experienced a strong earthquake. The populated area suffered the tragic loss of life and is still in a devastating condition with collapses and destruction, without the water supply being recovered, and more and more inhabitants leaving for an external region.

AIZAWA Wood Works has also suffered much more damage from the natural disaster than initially anticipated, significantly affecting the factory on the production site. Despite the desperate challenges, the maker has not given in and maintains a glimmer of hope for a recovery.

AIZAWA Wood Works’ “Factory’s Gallery” – Photo taken last year by OHKI Ken

The glimmer of hope is based on the good news that their “Factory’s Gallery,” newly built next to their workshop in the last year, has survived without severe damage. We have secured a limited quantity of their products stored in the gallery. We hope these treasures will be delivered to people worldwide, supporting and encouraging the maker and artisans.

The items listed below are intact and brand-new and are now available from us on a first-come-first-serve basis:

・KITO – RINKA Flower Tray – S  (AIZA-001):  5 pcs.
・KITO – RINKA Flower Tray – M (AIZA-002):  5 pcs.
・KITO – RINKA Flower Tray – L  (AIZA-003):  3 pcs.
・KITO – YUKIWA Snowflake Tray – S  (AIZA-004):  5 pcs.
・KITO – YUKIWA Snowflake Tray – M (AIZA-005):  5 pcs.
・KITO – YUKIWA Snowflake Tray – L  (AIZA-006):  3 pcs.
・KITO – Flowering Quince Tray – S  (AIZA-007):  5 pcs.
・KITO – Flowering Quince Tray – M (AIZA-008):  5 pcs.
・KITO – Flowering Quince Tray – L  (AIZA-009):  3 pcs.
・KITO – MATSU Pine Plate – S  (AIZA-010):  5 pcs.
・KITO – MATSU Pine Plate – L  (AIZA-013):  5 pcs.
・KITO – Flowering Quince Plate – S  (AIZA-011):  5 pcs.
・KITO – Flowering Quince Plate – L  (AIZA-014):  5 pcs.
・KITO – Diamond Plate with SUMI Corners – S  (AIZA-012):  5 pcs.
・KITO – Diamond Plate with SUMI Corners – L  (AIZA-015):  5 pcs.
・KITO – Small Plate – S  (AIZA-016):  10 pcs.
・KITO – Small Plate – M (AIZA-017):  10 pcs.
・KITO – Small Plate – L  (AIZA-018):  10 pcs.
・KITO – Bandsaw Trays Large- No. 3 (AIZA-306):  24 pcs.
・KITO – Brunch & Charcuterie Boards – Brunch (AIZA-401):  3 pcs.
・KITO – Brunch & Charcuterie Boards – Charcuterie (AIZA-402):  3 pcs.
・KITO – FUKURA Trays – For One  (AIZA-501):  5 pcs.
・KITO – FUKURA Trays – For Two (AIZA-502):  5 pcs.

While the items are now available on our platform, we will have to stop accepting orders after the secured stock is depleted. We hope to resume regular order acceptance once the maker completes the recovery of their factory and resumes production. Stay tuned for future positive updates.

Go to the Maker’s Page to see the available products.

Your purchase not only provides immediate financial assistance but also helps their business rebuild and regain stability.


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