AIZAWA Wood Works
"Streams Nuture Forests; Trees Nuture People"

Founded in 1947 in Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan as a woodwork manufacturer for lacquerware. AIZAWA Wood Works specializes in a wide range of processing techniques, including joinery, bentwood work, woodturning, and carving, and is particularly skilled in NC machining, and delivers various wooden tableware with delicate craftsmanship and rustic charm.

Using well-seasoned, natural solid wood that has been aged for years after sustainable logging, AIZAWA Wood Works crafts wooden table/serving ware with exceptional craftsmanship.

Each grain of wood holds and supports the tree itself, allowing it to grow thicker and larger while accumulating strength. It takes around 100 years for a tree to reach a size suitable for making dishes or trays. AIZAWA Wood Works uses the solid and sturdy trees provided by the mountains and precisely and quickly cuts them without waste using their specialized machinery processing techniques.

Then, they produce a high-quality texture through delicate hand polishing. They believe in using the power of the 100 years trapped in solid wood for another century, providing the "beauty of wood" in daily life. They choose to cherish trees and live in a way that can hand down the richness of the forest to future generations.

There are two brands, namely "KITO" and "SUI:"

KITO: “With Tree”

“KITO” means “with tree” in Japanese. They give the name to a series of their products with the aim that we could live our daily lives together with the warmth of wood. They believe that the feeling of comfort that only solid wood can bring is essential for us to live a peaceful life. They strive to create wood products that deliver comfort, hoping that people can be respectful and appreciative of nature.

SUI:  “Refined Wooden Vessels”

“SUI” is a Japanese aesthetic sense that has an approximate meaning of “refinement,” “sophistication,” or “chic.” These wooden vessels are made by gathering the "refined craftsmanship" of AIZAWA Wood Works, which fully brings out the life of the wood. With profound knowledge of wood and advanced craft techniques, this is a luxurious series of vessels that fully draw out the charm of the wood.

Important Remark: Items Available in Limited Quantities

AIZAWA Wood Works has suffered much more damage from the devastating earthquake that hit their location in January 2024 than initially anticipated, significantly affecting the factory on the production site. Despite the desperate challenges, the maker has not given in and maintains a glimmer of hope for a recovery. 

We have secured a limited quantity of their products stored in their “Factory’s Gallery,” newly built next to their workshop in the last year, and has survived the natural disaster without damage. We hope these treasures will be delivered to people worldwide, supporting and encouraging the maker and artisans.

The items listed below are intact and brand-new and are now available from us on a first-come-first-serve basis:

KITO - RINKA Flower Tray -
・S  (AIZA-001):  5 pcs.
・M (AIZA-002):  5 pcs.
・L  (AIZA-003):  3 pcs.

KITO - YUKIWA Snowflake Tray -
・S  (AIZA-004):  5 pcs.
・M (AIZA-005):  5 pcs.
・L  (AIZA-006):  3 pcs.

KITO - Flowering Quince Tray -
・S  (AIZA-007):  5 pcs.
・M (AIZA-008):  5 pcs.
・L  (AIZA-009):  3 pcs.

KITO - MATSU Pine Plate -
・S  (AIZA-010):  5 pcs.
・L  (AIZA-013):  5 pcs.

KITO - Flowering Quince Plate -
・S  (AIZA-011):  5 pcs.
・L  (AIZA-014):  5 pcs.

KITO - Diamond Plate with SUMI Corners -
・S  (AIZA-012):  5 pcs.
・L  (AIZA-015):  5 pcs.

KITO - Small Plate -
・S  (AIZA-016):  10 pcs.
・M (AIZA-017):  10 pcs.
・L  (AIZA-018):  10 pcs.

KITO - Bandsaw Trays -
・Large, No. 3 (AIZA-306):  24 pcs.

KITO - Brunch & Charcuterie Boards -
・Brunch (AIZA-401):  3 pcs.
・Charcuterie (AIZA-402):  3 pcs.

・For One  (AIZA-501):  5 pcs.
・For Two (AIZA-502):  5 pcs.

While the items are now available on our platform, we will have to stop accepting orders after the secured stock is depleted. We hope to resume regular order acceptance once the maker completes the recovery of their factory and resumes production. Stay tuned for future positive updates.

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