Ishikawa Earthquake Relief Campaign: Update January 12th

This is to report the progress of our donation program for the local artisans and manufacturers affected by the recent earthquake in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. We also announce that the program ends today, and after the closure, the donation will immediately be directed to those affected.

The earthquake rocked the region where our partner makers, TAKAZAWA CANDLE, FUTAGAMI, and AIZAWA Wood Works, are based. In the initial stages, amidst the confusion, we announced on our news page on 4th Jan. that TAKAZAWA CANDLE was severely affected by the natural disaster while FUTAGAMI and AIZAWA Wood Works sustained minor damage ( However, it was subsequently reported that AIZAWA Wood Works was also devastated by the disaster. The damage situation for FUTAGAMI remains minor.



Photo: AIZAWA Wood Works


By now, we have received donations worth $1,118 in total from 18 donors worldwide. Our donation program finishes by the end of today since the makers’ original donation webpages have subsequently been created. The full amount received for our donation program will be split and directed to TAKAZAWA CANDLE and AIZAWA Wood Works immediately after our program closure, expecting that the immediate cash will help them resume their everyday operations and progressive rebuilding. We sincerely appreciate those who contributed to the program to protect and revive the local artisanal community.

You can still contribute to their recovery in two meaningful ways: purchasing their products and donating through the makers’ original websites.

The disaster has impacted their lead time, but your purchase not only provides immediate financial assistance but also helps these businesses rebuild and regain stability. Regarding TAKAZAWA CANDLE, the lead time remains unchanged for the time being as we maintain stock in our warehouse. However, for AIZAWA Wood Works, the lead time is currently unpredictable and may extend beyond several months, depending on the progress of their facility recovery. If you can accept the above and are willing to place orders to support them, please visit their makers’ page by clicking their logos:

If you prefer a direct contribution, consider donating through the makers’ donation web pages. Your generous support will aid in rebuilding and revitalizing the affected manufacturing facilities.



Every purchase and donation, no matter how small, makes a difference. Together, we can help these manufacturers overcome the challenges they are facing and rebuild stronger than ever. Thank you for your compassion and support.

Warm regards,

The IFJ Team

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