MATUREWARE Mirror Stoppers
Have you ever come across a mirror stopper that hits you in your mind?
OJI Masanori has designed a brass mirror stopper with aesthetic beauty.

They are small pieces, but when attached to the four corners of a mirror, they give a three-dimensional effect to the mirror. They can add taste to the design of your room.

It would be a good idea to coordinate them with other FUTAGAMI brass products. For example, use them in a bathroom where a FUTAGAMI brass towel hanger, switch plate and wash bowl are installed. It would give the room an aesthetic totality that enriches your heart and your life.

It comes with:
・Mirror stoppers x 4
・Brass screws x 5 (one is spare)


For Installation:
・ Use a 5-mm-thick mirror and a 3-mm-thick double-sided tape mirror mat.
・ Install the mirror in accordance with the installation instructions provided by the retailer where you purchased the mirror.
・ Always install the mirror with the mirror mat. Without the mirror mat, the mirror stopper will not be in perfect contact with the mirror, which may cause it to fall.
・ The screws will fit 20mm into the wall.
・ Make sure to drill 2.5 to 3mm pilot holes for the screws.
・ Fasten the mirror stopper with the screws on a place where there is groundwork. Use commercially available plasterboard anchors when installing the mirror on a plasterboard.
Mirror Stopper
w24 x d10 x h16 mm (Set of 4)
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