FUTAGAMI is a brass foundry founded in 1897 in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture, Japan, with over 120 years of history. Specializing in traditional crafts like Buddist alter fittings, FUTAGAMI has developed brass casting techniques since its establishment. In 2009, the company introduced its brass livingware brand, "FUTAGAMI," in collaboration with the designer OJI Masanori, breathing new life into brass, a material gradually disappearing from our everyday lives, by creating beautifully designed livingware products.

Photos by Lennaert Ruinen (The second photo was cropped by IFJ Tradings)

Brass and Beautiful Maturing:

Brass has long been utilized in various fields, including metal fittings for architecture, ships, and furniture, thanks to its corrosion resistance and moderate workability. It also holds a rich history as a material for arts and crafts or Buddhist altar equipment, owing to its gentle texture and elegant luster. Brass products gradually change their color over many years due to oxidation. The longer they are used, the more they develop a richer and more subtle appearance, naturally harmonizing with the human heart and the environment. Using brass for an extended time unveils the beauty of the material to its fullest potential. FUTAGAMI embraces this mature beauty in much the same way that we, as individuals, also mature as we grow older and encounter various experiences.

Warmth and Unique Texture:

FUTAGAMI’s brass items, from trivets to bottle openers, kitchen paper holders, cutlery, stationery, and more, encompass various tools for everyday living. These items are made by green sand casting and feature a distinctive rough casting surface called "IHADA." Resembling finely scattered particles, this unique texture imparts a soft and warm atmosphere, setting them apart from the typical hardness and coldness associated with metals. The sandy texture, variations in color, and marks unique to IHADA are proof of “solid brass." The inherent characteristics and qualities of the material itself are fully harnessed by FUTAGAMI's outstanding brass casting techniques. Enjoy their loving, beautiful brass items for many years to come.

FUTAGAMI's brass livingware is both beautifully designed and functional for daily use. The philosophy behind the design by OJI Masanori is “MONDAI WO AISURU TAMENI DESIGN WO SURU,” meaning “Design to Love Problems,” in contrast to “Design to Solve Problems.” Rather than polishing away the brass to remove “IHADA,” the rough casting surface created by the sand casting process, and trying to mimic it as gold, the designer embraces IHADA as the distinctive beauty of the material created through the process. It is through the outstanding brass casting techniques FUTAGAMI has developed over its history of more than a century that these beautiful and practical design concepts are brought into reality.

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