New Brand “SUI” from AIZAWA Wood Works

We are thrilled to announce that the new “SUI” brand items are now available from us!

“SUI” is a Japanese aesthetic sense that has an approximate meaning of “refinement,” “sophistication,” or “chic.” AIZAWA Wood Works has given the name “SUI” to a series of their products, with the subtitle “Refined Wooden Vessels.” The vessels are made by gathering the “refined craftsmanship” of AIZAWA Wood Works, which fully brings out the life of the wood. With profound knowledge of wood and advanced craft techniques, this is their luxurious series of vessels that fully draw out the charm of the wood.

New Items:

・SUI – Layered Vessels Thin Ice-

・SUI – Layered Vessels Thin Stone –

The Footed Lid and Box Tray are sold separately but can be used in combination

・SUI – Plates of Light-

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