The last October, we regrettably announced a temporary halt or slowing down on FUTAGAMI / MATUREWARE orders due to production capacity issues. Since then, various measures to restore the production system have been taken, and today, we are pleased to announce that we are now ready to take FUTAGAMI orders back again! Moreover, taking this opportunity, FUTAGAMI joins the Super Express scheme to ensure even prompter deliveries.

The following is the list of the items that fall into the Super Express scheme and are available for orders immediately:

FUTA-001 Brass Trivet Moon
FUTA-002 Brass Trivet Sun
FUTA-003 Brass Trivet Star
FUTA-004 Brass Trivet Galaxy
FUTA-005 Brass Bottle Opener Frame
FUTA-006 Brass Bottle Opener Crescent
FUTA-007 Brass Bottle Opener Eclipse
FUTA-010 Brass Chopstick Rest Flash (Set of 4)
FUTA-013 Brass Chopstick Rest Four-Moon (Set of 4)
FUTA-014 Brass Chopstick Rest Twinkle (Set of 4)
FUTA-015 Brass Chopstick Rest Crystal (Set of 3)
FUTA-029 Brass Shelf Bracket L (Set of 2, w/ screws)
FUTA-030 Brass Shelf Bracket S (Set of 2, w/ screws)
FUTA-031 Brass Towel Hanger L
FUTA-032 Brass Towel Hanger S
FUTA-033 Brass Hook Diamond L (Set of 2)
FUTA-035 Brass Hook Bean L (Set of2)
FUTA-037 Brass S-shaped Hook (Set of 2)
FUTA-043 Brass Stationery Tray L
FUTA-044 Brass Stationery Tray M
FUTA-045 Brass Stationery Tray S
FUTA-049 Brass Paper Weight Triangle
FUTA-050 Brass Paper Weight Rhombus
FUTA-051 Brass Paper Weight Square
FUTA-052 Brass Bookend Weight
FUTA-053 Brass Bookend Horse Head
FUTA-071 Brass Cutlery Rest Shooting Star S (Set of 4)
FUTA-073 Brass Tape Dispenser L
FUTA-078 Brass Tape Dispenser S
FUTA-151 Brass Kitchen Paper Holder L
FUTA-152 Brass Kitchen Paper Holder S
FUTA-157 Brass Magnetized Hook L-shaped (Set of 2)
FUTA-158 Brass Magnetized Hook Chess-shaped (Set of 2)

Also, we are now open to taking orders on the rest of the FUTAGAMI items and the MATUREWARE ones. They are manufactured to order and will generally take 1 – 2 months for production after payment. Please note that some items require longer lead times and are indicated as remarks on the corresponding web pages when applicable.

Thank you for being so patient in the past months, and we are excited to resume the full-scale supply of our signature brand, FUTAGAMI!

The IFJ Team

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