Spring 2020 New Product Launches

During these difficult times for everyone in the world, we at IFJ Tradings too are trying our best to stay operational to continue to serve our world community of the industrial crafts makers, buyers, and users.

We sincerely wish for our customers and their families to stay safe at home and to continue to practice what we, the likeminded folks in the world community of the industrial crafts, together can still do to keep the business going. In this endeavor, we would like to introduce a series of new products for building better living.

We will showcase these new products in this catalog site shortly. The new line sheet which will become available as of April 1st will include these new items as well. Please ask our sales and marketing team for further details.

KITO Wooden Trays and Plates designed by OJI Masanori

MATUREWARE Pipe Brackets Small (Top) & Large (Bottom)
MATUREWARE Pipe Brackets Large for 2 Toilet Rolls

JICON Chrysanthemum Plates with Colored Gazes

Arts & Crafts Series Interior Aroma Incense with Art-piece Sliver Incense Holder – BABY ANGELE

Maker & Brand: SUSUMUYA
Product: DOBIN [ Earthenware Teapot ] Small
Designer: OJI Masanori

SUSUMUYA DOBIN [ Earthenware Teapot ] Small (Left) designed by OJI Masanori

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